Rogue Day is an open world city simulator in third person view, where you drive amazing cars or motorbikes. You play as a superhero and the whole city fears you.

Are you ready for a great anti criminal adventure? Stealing cars, racing through streets and shooting down gangsters. You have special powers. You can shoot dangerous laser beams from your eyes. You can shoot a grappling hook to a building and climb over the building to the top. There are about 100 different quests.

You can also work as a taxi driver or garbage man collector or fireman etc. TIn the store, you will find hats, masks, glasses,and much more. There are about 200 cars for use.

Try your skills and many fantastic abilities in the shoes of several super heroes in an exciting 3D third-person shooter with RPG elements.Main character can pick from various super powers such as tornado, black hole, freezing bomb a much more..

Farming If you want to earn extra money, you can become a farmer. You need to cultivate your field and grow crops such as grain etc. Or you convert your field into an enclosure and keep their livestock such as cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, goats.

Mining You can hire people that will mine minerals in a local mine. Each ore will give you a different amount of money. You need to expand your tunnels to find more ore deposits. You can level up your miners and deposits so they will earn you money faster.

Air tracks You can challenge yourself in tracks that are in the air. You need to pick a car and drive from start to the end in the shortest time.

Lockpicking You can find many different houses that you can rob.

Fighting pits You can fight in a tournament where you have to beat up several opponents to win a money.

Weapons This game contains about 60 different weapons that you can use to kill your enemies

Investing You can buy different shops in the city that can generate passive income. You can buy ads to boost your income. You can also hack an ATM and try to rob it.

Dance Club You can dance in a local dance club and earn money from it. You can pick from a list of songs

Hair Dresser You can work as a hairdresser and earn money. Women will come to you and order a new haircut.

Mechs You can buy several different robots that wreck the streets of a local city.

Super Powers and abilities Your hero has a list of different super powers. For example laser eyes, frost bomb, tornado, black hole, reality rift, worm hole etc and you can also pick from a list of passive abilities for example bullet resistance, cheaper buy orders, higher income from a job

Own house You can buy a house and then make your home in it. You can also buy furniture and other equipment and then you can store your cars in a garage close to the house. READ MORE